A New Home for Italy's favourite Sport Shoes

Superga, Art Direction & UX/UI Design

Superga is an Italian's sport shoes brand that quickly conquered the fashion market with their light and well-designed summer sneaker (the COTU Classic is almost a must-have in European summer).

We re-designed their german Online Shop from scratch and gave it a completely new and fresh Look & Feel. Now the website reflects the brands modern and content-rich marketing approach.  


Integrating high-quality images, animated gifs and video material and showcasing them big times we highlighted their product in a way that attracts the customers eye and give them a taste of how it feels to walk this earth with Superga.


But we didn't stop there.
After re-designing the Superga webshop we had a look at their social strategy. With their high-end image campaigns it was easy to decide which channel we will focus on: Instagram.

In order to stand out we decided for a collage-style feed layout which gives the channel a unique look and therefore attracts attention within the Instagram community. 



Art Direction

UX/UI Design

Instagram Look & Feel

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