How working with us looks like

We provide your brand and business with a holistic approach that will help you resonate with your target audience and feel confident in telling your brand story.

Design is only one part of it but there is more than meets the eye - quiet literally.
This is my (not-so-secret) recipe for an integrated, holistic design:


Step 1 ◌ Ingredients

Depending on your appetite (and your brand vision) we will decide on the recipe, come up with a bullet-poof strategy, and choose just the right amount of ingredients. These could be Logo Design, Website, Content Creation, Packaging, Photography - just to name a few of my most popular ingredients.


Step 2 ◌ Preperation

In the next step we will mix all these ingredients together and turn them into a delicious dish. Using different techniques and a special attention to detail you will already see that something great is cooking up in that pot. As with cooking this process takes its time, but in the end it will be worth the while as all the ingredients can develop their distinguish flavour. 


Step 3 ◌ Styling

While the cooking (aka the design) might be the main part of the process, the most special thing for me is the plating and final presentation of the dish. The way you plate and style your dish is very unique to every cook (or designer in that sense). In the end you will taste the difference: the passion with which this dish has been prepared, the great attention to detail and the ability to look beyond the edge of the plate. Enjoy your very own special design dish! 

Our Work Flow

Exemplary Branding Process. Detailled project flow and timing depending on project type.

Phase 1 - Get Together

We start with a "Brand-Storm" session - in person over a cup of coffee or via phone or video. This way we get to know each other and your brand specifically. During this session, we discuss the general process and decide whether we are a good fit and how we can support you. 

Phase 2 - Discovery

After successful onboarding we dive deep into research and collect visual inspiration in the form of mood boards and rough mockups. This is to ensure that we are on the same page before we start to deep dive into the actual conceptualizing and design phase.

Phase 3 - Design 

So this is when things get exciting! Depending on your project we will start crafting, concepting, designing, brainstorming, (more) researching, consulting and what ever it takes. We take a lot of time for this phase so that creativity can flow organically and we can work out the best possible solution for you.

Phase 4 - Launch

The moment you've been waiting for - it's time to launch your final design/ website. All of your new design files will be sent to you in an organized zipped folder along with a brand standards manual (if applicable) that clearly articulates how to best implement your unique and elevated new branding. 

When our project is completed, you will have a clear and effective brand identity and messaging that will help you attract your ideal clients. The developed strategies and designs also serve as a guidepost as your brand blooms and evolve. Now is the time to celebrate your beautiful and well-designed new brand!

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